I’ve Become an Ocean of Love

Netanel Miles-Yépez

After a Sufi Love Song by Yunus Emre



i’ve become an ocean of love

and an untold sea of suffering

all the ocean is now in my drop

and i wait hopeless for it to break


because it suffers love for love’s sake

there is no heart my heart cannot touch

no suffering world my hand cannot reach

nor any true healing for me in this world


the prophet isa was born upon a star

that broke on the blue eastern horizon

descending with mercy and compassion

to heal a broken world with his death


what waits for me in this trouble with love

a trouble that heals a need and yet breaks

my heart and your heart again and again

and leaves a body like rubble at ground zero


does a sacrifice for love accomplish its end

does a death for love heal the wound of love

does a broken heart mean anything sacred

does it carry a body to a heaven of fulfillment


i have become nothing in this ocean of love

no person to be admired nor any to be reviled

these seas as my witness i declare my self a fool

drowning in an ocean of tears suffering sacred


to know a human love as the holy absolute

to know the loneliness that only god can know

because god does not have a god to love her

nor any being to discover her except her own child

                                                      a broken human being in love